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FOUR FREEDOMS PARK • 239.574.0804 •


PRESCHOOL SUMMER CAMPS (3-6 yrs) Camps are held in our preschool classrooms and taught by certified instructors. Child needs to bring lunch, snack and a water bottle. Children must be self-sufficient in restroom care. Pre-registration is required. No class 7/4. $75 Res / $83 Non-Res (5 classes) $60 Res / $66 Non-Res (4 classes)* All camps will be held Monday-Friday from 9:00am-1:30pm THEME DATE(S) REC CODE It’s A Small World 5/30-6/2 337006-01* A Camping We Will Go 6/5-6/9 337006-02 Adventureland 6/12-6/16 337006-03 Barnyard Bonanza 6/19-6/23 337006-04 Space Station Vacation 6/26-6/30 337006-05 Happy Birthday America 7/3-7/7 337006-06* How Does Your Garden Grow 7/10-7/14 337006-07 Dinosaurs Rock! 7/17-7/21 337006-08 I’m A Super Hero 7/24-7/28 337006-09 Exploring Ocean Life 7/31-8/4 337006-10 READY, SET, COLLEGE! (14-18 yrs) This 5-day course is to thoroughly prepare students for the college application process from college searches, resumes, essays, and scholarships. A workbook will be included. A computer with Wi-Fi is suggested. Class meets Monday through Friday for 3 hours, from 12:30-3:30pm, except Wednesday 1:30-4:30pm. Parents are invited too. $150 Res / $165 Non-Res (5 days) DATE(S) REC CODE 6/12-6/16 337018-01 6/26-6/30 337018-02 7/10-7/14 337018-03 SUPER SCIENCE CAMPS (6-12 yrs) Four Freedoms Park is partnering with Super Science and Amazing Art to offer science camps with amazing themes. Kitchen Chemistry: Use things found at home or at your local super market to perform some amazing science. From the best bouncing balls to making ice cream we will learn how chemistry can lead to fun and delicious experiments. We will: • Make slime, ice cream, root beer • Create chemical color changes • Learn about chemiluminescent and things that glow • See the fog and snow show. Take Flight!: We take it to the skies with anything that flies. Campers will learn about aerodynamics, forces, flight and space travel. • Fly airplanes, re- mote and paper • Compete for prizes in fun and friendly aerospace engineering challenges • Make hot air balloons, motorize helium balloons, and sling water balloons • Reconstruct Kitty Hawk kites • Fly drones • Float on a hover disk • Build and launch water rockets. Build It!: Have fun building, breaking and making it better! We will explore many fields of engineering while building prototypes to compete in fun team based challenges. • Balloon power cars for distance • Helium balloon used in the zero gravity relay • Wind power wind mill competitions • Unsinkable ships and submersibles • Make slime and bouncy balls in chemical engineering. Video Game Design: Make games like the pros! Start with game ideas and story boarding. • Practice code design with SCRATCH or Game Salad • Develop characters, backgrounds and story lines • Draw characters and import them into your game • Learn and develop game logic and code • Demo how it plays • Ages 9-12 only. $195 Res / $215 Non-Res (5 days) Children need to bring lunch, snack and water bottle. Each camp meets from 9:00am-4:00pm THEME DATE(S) REC CODE Kitchen Chemistry 6/5-6/9 337009-01 Take Flight! 6/12-6/16 337009-02 Video Game Design 6/19-6/23 337009-03 Build It! 6/26-6/30 337009-04 Take Flight! 7/10-7/14 337009-05 Kitchen Chemistry 7/17-7/21 337009-06 Video Game Design 7/24-7/28 337009-07 Build It! 7/31-8/4 337009-08 ETIQUETTE 101 (6-11 yrs) Children will learn and practice the basics of manners and eti- quette. This class is centered on proper table manners, poise, introductions, being a good guest / host and much more. $20 Res / $24 Non-Res DAY(S) TIME DATE(S) REC CODE TH 1:00-2:30pm 6/22 337011-01


Children become Marine Bi ologists as they discover the Calusa Blueway in a whole new way. Pure Flo rida departs from Cape Coral Four Freedoms Park and takes children out t o the Caloosahatchee River to test river water quality to learn how our water ways stay healthy. When the experimentation is done, children and their fa milies can enjoy a beautiful sightseeing cruise. 9:30-11:00am / P lease arrive 30 minutes earlier. $ 15 Res / $ 23 Non- Res • Pre-registration required. DAY DATE(S) REC CODE Wednesday June 14 339450-01 Wednesday June 21 339450-02 Friday June 30 339450-03 Wednesday July12 339450-04 Friday July 21 339450-05 (4+ yrs) Marine S cience Field Trip ^ TABLE MANNERS BOOT CAMP (6-11 yrs) This class can make your child an expert on dining and teach the proper ways to eat, pass dishes, converse, etc. These skills can be carried throughout one’s life and ensure pleasant social experiences. $30 Res / $36 Non-Res DAY(S) TIME DATE(S) REC CODE F 10:00-11:30am 6/30 337014-01 BABYSITT ING COURSE (11-16 yrs) The Child and Babysitti ng Safety program is an American Safety and Health Institute pro gram that has been designed to assist young people with pro viding proper childcare via classroom training and hands-on p rocedures. Participants must bring lunch. $40 Res / $48 Non-Res (6 hour class) DAY(S) TIME DATE(S) REC CODE SA 9:00am-3:30 pm 6/17 337100-01 SA 9:00am-3:30 pm 7/29 337100-02 REGISTER O